Auger Filler

New York
  • Large LCD display with full word/phrase instructions, (not codes) for user friendly interactions.
  • IP55 or Flameproof motor.
  • Direct motor drive.
  • Frequency Inverter speed control (no clutch/break).
  • Automatic weight compensation with built in weighing system.
  • 2 filling operation modes:
    • Counter filling – fills by counter with sample weigh feedback.
    • Weigh filling – fills by weight with coarse and fine feeding.
  • Contact parts in Stainless Steel.
  • Product hopper level sensor.
  • Standard interchangeable tooling.
  • Automate with conveyer and gating system.
  • Filling speed – 12 containers/min.
  • Computerised Auger Filler with complete function control.
  • Multi-head available.