2/4 Head Vacuum Filler

  • Vacuum created draws product into bottle
  • Versatile liquid filler.
  • Adjustments for any size bottles.
  • Can be used to fill nail polish, perfume, turpentine and other inflammable products.
  • Filling volume governed by depth of nozzle in bottle neck.
  • Easy cleaning for product change-over.
  • Variable filling speed by restricting vacuum.
  • Contact parts in S/S 316

Multi Head Automatic Vacuum Filler

New York
  • Fully automatic operation.
  • Easy changeover from one product to another.
  • No change parts needed for different bottle sizes.
  • Filling speed - 72 containers/min (6 head, 80ml).
  • Automatic overflow return.

Pressure Filler

New York
  • Ideal as a small volume filler.
  • Single head - semi automatic.
  • Filling speed - 30 bottles/min.(25ml)
  • Filling range - 3ml to 60ml.
  • Shut off nozzle.
  • Fill speed adjustable.